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"OLPH is a great school because the priority of the principal and staff is the well being and success of the children. They embrace the fact that all children are unique. They demonstrate this by being open minded in strategically guiding the children to grow academically and spiritually. I am blessed that the principal, teachers, and secretary are always open to communication. This quality has been essential towards my children's success. We are proud to have been with OLPH for 7 years!"
-- Sheryllove Crooms, OLPH Parent

"What makes OLPH great is that they have a large variety of after school clubs."
-- OLPH Student

"Small classes, great teachers, and Catholic values."
-- OLPH Parent

"We love everything about OLPH School. It is great because of the rules, safety, and the ideas of how to improve it. We are happy with all the faculty members, especially to all his teachers; the lessons, homework and the care that they are giving to their students."
-- Clarita Robinson, OLPH Parent

"OLPH is a blessing for my daughter. She's not only learning her alphabet and numbers, but most importantly is religion. Although she's only in Kindergarten, she has learned her basic prayers and songs. I love Ms. Hickey. She has taught my daughter to be responsible and care for others. Everyone is pleasant and courteous, especially Mrs. Castillo. She takes her time to answer all my questions and helps me when I need help. I'm a first time mom here and will struggle if I have to just for my daughter to be here."
-- Maria Soriano, OLPH Parent

"As a parent, what makes OLPH great is the staff are approachable and friendly."
-- OLPH Parent

"The friendly teachers, students, staff, and atmosphere can surely make visitors and newcomers feel welcomed."
-- Leana Flores, OLPH Student

"Good family environment, educational excellence and great staff make this an awesome school."
-- Kimberly Gainer, OLPH Parent

"Teachers and staff are very supportive and attentive to students. Friendly and warm environment where students feel safe and enjoy learning. Great after-school free student clubs!"
-- OLPH Parent

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