Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Home of the Saints


Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) - Primary Grades

At Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, we aspire to educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially, psychologically, and physically, in light of Catholic/Christian principles and services. We are committed to providing our students with a quality education, which will prepare them for their roles in society.

Students at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School are SAINTs:

1. Spiritually Active Christians who:
a. know God and strive to live like Jesus
b. make good choices
c. sing and say prayers in Church
d. memorize prayers and pray everyday
2. Accountable Citizens who:
a. are kind and fair to everyone
b. listen to everyone's ideas and talk about their problems
c. help the needy
3. Independent Thinkers who:
a. know their talents and work hard
b. display leadership qualities
c. practice good manners
d. participate in different forms of art
4. Noteworthy Learners who:
a. work by themselves
b. speak clearly
c. can read and write
d. try their best in every subject
5. Thoughtful Choice Makers who:
a. get involved
b. try to stay healthy
c. play well with others
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